About us

As one of Europe’s leading vitamin water brands, we set ourselves a new goal for the year 2023: to elevate the popular ICE TEA product category to a higher level, offering more than the average… and that’s how Viwa Vitamin Teas were born, winning the Innovation of the Year award at the Inno d’Or competition!

The past few years have presented numerous challenges for everyone, as the prolonged period of the pandemic required quick adaptation and often brought difficult decisions. It also compelled companies, including Viwa, to optimize their existing processes and implement entirely new strategies. This was no different for Viwa, as we discovered that despite the difficulties, vitamin waters fill a market gap that we perhaps didn’t anticipate before. We were able to reach not only health-conscious and active consumers but also those who, due to the COVID pandemic, began to prioritize vitamins and dietary supplements, making them an integral part of their daily lives. During this time, we strived to create informative content and campaigns, promoting vitamin water as an excellent alternative for meeting the body’s vitamin needs across society. In addition to conventional marketing tools, we placed great emphasis on knowledge-based information and the introduction of innovative products that cater to consumer demands. Despite the challenges, we can proudly say that we have experienced a truly successful period. Alongside the strengthening of the domestic market, Viwa products are now available in several European countries. The professional recognition received confirms the importance and usefulness of informing consumers and introducing new products. In both 2021 and 2022, we won the Inno d’Or “Innovation of the Year” award, and in 2022, Viwa was also chosen as the “Vitamin Water of the Year.” For this reason, our goal for 2023 was to introduce healthier alternatives in a new category, beverages with exceptional vitamin content, leading us to create the Vitamin Teas.

What is Vitamin Tea? It knows everything a traditional ICE TEA does, and yet it offers more:

  • Made with organic, premium-quality green/black tea
  • Contains high-quality, natural ingredients
  • Sweetened with ZERO sugar, using sucralose and stevia
  • Hence, it has almost ZERO calorie content: less than 10 kcal per bottle
  • Enriched with added vitamins to provide not only the benefits of tea but also meet our vitamin requirements
  • Available in 600 ml bottles, providing vitamins throughout the day and adding variety to hydration: 500 mg of vitamin C (625% NRV), 12 μg of vitamin D3 (240% NRV), and 120% of the daily required amount of B-vitamins Viwa Vitamin Teas are already available in two flavors: an organic black ice tea with peach flavor and an organic green ice tea with lemon-lime flavor. We recommend Viwa Vitamin Teas, as well as other Viwa products, to anyone who wants to ensure their daily fluid intake from sources beyond mineral water. Viwa products can serve as a healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks, contributing to the daily fluid intake while providing our vitamin requirements. The diverse flavors and compositions guarantee that everyone will find their favorite!

Viwa Vitaminwater is not water, but it’s also not an ordinary soft drink: it’s a new generation functional beverage for those living an active lifestyle, packed with essential vitamins. Vitamin waters were created in the early 2000s in the USA based on scientific research and quickly became popular among health-conscious consumers worldwide.


Vitamin waters differ from both generations of mineral water and traditional soft drinks.

Most of the Viwa Vitaminwater products are made with reduced energy content, sweetened with stevia and fruit sugar (fructose), and have low calorie content. ZERO SUGAR products are also available in the range: Immunity ZERO and Brainboost products no longer contain fructose.


Stevia: an ancient herb that can help normalize metabolism, stabilize blood pressure, stimulate insulin production, lower cholesterol levels, and promote skin renewal + 0% calorie and carbohydrate content!

  • Not only good for sweetening: it cleanses and promotes optimal body function.

  • It contains prebiotic (inulin fiber) and omega-3 fatty acids (from seaweed).

Vitamins are essential substances for life that the human body, with a few exceptions, cannot produce on its own, so the needs must be met through external sources. However, it’s challenging to fulfill the recommended daily vitamin intake through meals alone. Even with a highly conscious diet, it is often necessary to replenish vitamin stores depleted due to stressful lifestyles, illnesses, or physical activities. VIWA vitamin waters provide a simple solution to this problem.

Viwa vitamin waters have higher NRV values compared to similar products!

Reduced energy content // Sweetened with fructose and stevia for low calorie content // Zero products // Refreshing and hydrating // All products are based on mineral water!

Variety of flavors and compositions: 6 different flavors with varying vitamin and mineral compositions, so everyone can find their perfect match!