About us

Vitamin water is a new generation of functional drinks for people leading an active, health conscious life. They bear the advatages of both water and soft drinks – are refreshing, low in calories, have unique fruity flavours and contain vitamins that are essential for healthy lifestyle. Vitamins are substances essential for life which the human body is unable to produce, therefore the demand for vitamins must be met from an external source. Viwa Vitaminwater provides high vitamin content, sweetened with fruit-sugar (fructose) and Stevia, so the calorie content is really low. 9 different flavors and combination of vitamins to fulfill various functions and meet the daily vitamin demand of the body. Viwa Vitaminwater is a healthy refreshments thanks to its pleasantly fruity flavour. Immunity C 1000 and Immunity C 1000 ZERO is a Vitamin C bomb, which fills up the vitamin C stocks of the body. Vitality provides freshness for the whole day due to its natural guarana content. Body Pro is responsible for the overall inside and outside regeneration of the body. Magnemax is a guava-orange flavoured Vitaminwater that helps refreshing and providing the necessary magnesium for our body.